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4 Sizzling Crafts for Back To School Crafts.

Hi, Today I am so excited to share how to make 4 sizzling back to school crafts. All used craft materials are easily available and it’s easy and fun to make.

1. Instant Comfort Pocket Box

To make this super cute instant comfort pocket box, I used an empty matchbox and chart papers.

2. Cute Bookmark

Making this cute and adorable bookmark will make you happy. This bookmark is so fun and easy to make.

3. DIY Notebook Cover Design

I love to make my own notebook covers, that always makes me happy. This DIY notebook cover made from an old denim pocket and some foam sheets.

4. DIY Bag from an old Denim

Making this cute little girl bag I used old denim fabric and socks. Do not forget to watch the video tutorial down below for clear instructions. Visit our YouTube Channel for more craft ideas.

Watch the Video tutorial here

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