3 Easy Clay Dolls Making / Cute Dolls Made From Clay

Who doesn’t love dolls? They’re fun to play with and they come in a million different varieties. If you want to have your own cute Clay Dolls, why not make one yourself out of clay? This gives you a great chance to get creative and make something that’s perfect for you.

Clay Dolls

Making Clay dolls out of clay is a easy way to get crafty with your hands and have fun! Maybe you just want to pass the time with a little sculpting, or maybe you want to make handmade gifts. You can put your little clay angel doll on display somewhere when you’re done. You can use any kind of clay, but modeling clay works best. Remember to be creative! All the details are up to you, but this technique will give you a good clay dolls to start with.

Clay Dolls

You can make all sorts of cute things out of polymer clay. Among the most versatile are angels. They are typically associated with Christmas, but they can also be used for Valentine’s Day as well. You can also use them as symbols of love and protection.

Clay Dolls

 If you want to use the angel as a charm: twist open a jump ring with a pair of needle nose pliers. Slip the jump ring through the eye pin, then twist it close. If you want to use the angel as an ornament: thread some string through the eye pin. Tie the ends of the string together into a loop.

Clay Dolls

Cute little clay dolls are simple to make using air dry clay. Use them to decorate a room, give as a gift, place on a table for a party decoration, or use in the garden. Whatever size you choose to make them and whatever use you have planned for them, they are easy and fun, so it is worth getting the kids to help make them too.

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