15 Unbelievable ways to use Baby Powder/ Beauty Hacks

Baby powder might not be the first product that you think of when it comes to your beauty routine, but it can actually be a multitasking superstar for life hacks. Whether you want to last your lipstick, smooth skin, longer eyelashes, baby powder can help. It can even banish bad hair days! You just have to know how to use it the right way to make you feel you’re most beautiful.
Remember, The hacks you can try with baby powder are mentioning here, but the hidden fact is that you should consider using baby powder as it is less harmful to your skin. So, take a note of it and try these below mentioned hacks using baby powder.

1. Get Fuller Eyelashes

-Apply a normal coat of mascara onto your eyelashes
-Dust your eyelashes with a loose powder such as setting powder baby powder. |
-You can use a brush, cotton swab, or your fingers to apply baby powder on lashes.
-Your eyelashes should be whitish colo. Brush away the remaining powder.
-Apply your second coat of mascara over the baby powder.
-Use an eyelash comb to get rid of any large clumps.
-This will help to volumize and lengthen Eyelashes.

2. Make your lipstick last longer

-Place a very thin piece of tissue paper over your applied lipstick
-Lightly dust on some baby powder over the tissue paper to set your lipstick.
-Apply a second coat of lipstick, and you’re good to go!
-You’ll get all the long-lasting benefits without the cakey, color-changing residue.

3. Reduce pain while waxing

-Apply baby powder to the skin before waxing to help absorb moisture,
-thus allowing the hair to stick to individual hairs.
-This means you can do much quicker and less painful ways.

4. DIY Face mask ( Fight acne )

-Combine baby powder with water to create a paste
-Apply the mask over your face and leave for about 20 minutes
-Rinse your face with water
-It will help to dry out pimples, and prevent your pores and reveal smooth, soft skin.

5. Fix Squeaky Floor

-Squeaky wood floors can be super annoying!
-Get rid of the squeaks with a little bit of baby powder.
-Sprinkle the baby powder in between floorboards to prevent them from squeaking

6. Protect Flowers From Root Rot

-Sprinkling baby powder over your plant bulbs and roots before you plant.
-It will protect them from pests.
-And it will absorb excess moisture in the soil and saves the plants from dying due to root rot before they establish.
-And a simple way to prevent Japanese beetle from attacking your flower and vegetable garden is to sprinkle baby powder on the plant leaves.
-You can sprinkle baby powder to avoid ants.

7. Banish stinky feet and Shoes

-Just add some baby powder to your shoes, so it can do double duty, absorbing sweat and ridding your shoes of any unwanted odors.

8. Remove Grease Stains

-Baby powder will also suck out the grease from your clothing when you get a stain from cooking oils, butter, or oily makeup.
-The first step is to remove excess oil with a paper towel, pressing on the stain and never rubbing it.
-Let it rest for a few hours so that as much of the oil is absorbed
-Remove it with a spatula or spoon. This will help us make it easier to remove the oil stains.
-To remove oil stains from fabric, such as a couch or a chair, sprinkle baby powder on the stain, and allow the baby powder to soak up the oil.
-Wait 30 minutes or so.
-Finally, brush the excess baby powder off the fabric with an old clean toothbrush.

9. Use it as a dry shampoo

-Baby powder is perfect for absorbing oil at the roots.
-Simply apply a light dusting of the powder over your hair and brush it through your roots until it blends.

10. Untangle Jewelry

-It’s so annoying to take a bracelet or necklace out from the jewelry box only to find that it’s become impossibly tangled.
-Baby powder will lubricate jewelry and make it easier to untangle.
-So handy!

11. Remove sand

-After a trip to the beach, make sure to have baby powder handy before you go back inside or get in the car.
-Use baby powder to loosen sand from your body then just lightly dust it off.

12. Set your makeup

-On the opposite side of an eyelash primer, baby powder can also set makeup after it is done.
-Since it absorbs oils just dust a bit over your face when your makeup is done to prevent any shininess.

13. Prevent chafing

-If you’re prone to chafing during hot weather or exercise, baby powder can come to the rescue.
-Just dust some over your trouble-zones and your skin will stay smooth and pain-free all day.

14. Dehumidify a closet

-Is your clothes and closet starting to smell a little musty?
-Put some baby powder in a bowl or a jar without a lid and set it in the closet.
-It will absorb any moisture in the air and release a lovely scent.

15. Use as an aftershave

-Baby powder is a great aftershave for men and women alike.
-Not only is it a bit cheaper than some aftershaves, but it also works great and of course it smells wonderful. |
-After you shave, your legs, just apply a bit of baby powder onto your freshly shaven area and gently rub it in just a bit.
-Baby powder has a natural cooling property which will eliminate any irritation that shaving may have caused and it leaves your skin silky smooth.
-It’s also perfect for sensitive skin.
-If you normally experience razor burn due to sensitive skin, the baby powder will help to clear it up and leave your skin much less irritated

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