7 Bottle Painting Craft Ideas /Bottle Craft

Bottle Painting : Instead of recycling your empty glass bottles, you can reuse them. By turning them into Beautiful Decorations for your home. Bottle Painting, “7 Bottle Painting Craft Ideas /Bottle Craft”

Plastic Bottle Doll Making /DIY Doll Crafts

Plastic Bottle Doll Making: Plastic bottles were destroying. which is not only good for nature, but also harmful to living organisms. Because when plastic burns “Plastic Bottle Doll Making /DIY Doll Crafts”

Bottle Doll Organizer

Doll Bottle Organizer / Bottle dollcraft

Doll Bottle Organizer craft is a fun and creative way to recycle bottles while making your home beautiful at the same time. Decorated bottles can “Doll Bottle Organizer / Bottle dollcraft”

Awesome DIY bottle crafts idea /Recycled craft idea

This recycled craft idea is unique and much fun to do, for this DIY bottle crafts I used Nescafe bottle, burlap threads, cotton and felt.Simple “Awesome DIY bottle crafts idea /Recycled craft idea”

How to make glass paint at home

Today , I am so happy to share an idea that how to make glass paint at home , it’s super easy and fun to “How to make glass paint at home”

How to make bangle from plastic bottle

It’s easy and fun to make banglesĀ  from plastic bottles. You can decorate them in many different ways, allowing you to create lots of bangles “How to make bangle from plastic bottle”

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