Flower selling lady made with eggshell

It’s very easy and funny to make eggshell people, I made a flower selling lady with eggshell, according to your creativity you can make any “Flower selling lady made with eggshell”

How to make easy satin ribbon flowers

There are many techniques you can use to make cute flowers out of ribbon. Most involve some combination of folding, winding, and cutting, and some “How to make easy satin ribbon flowers”

How to make peg dolls

Peg-dolls are good  for giving gifts,decorating home even decorating christmas Trees as well. Here i made a peg-dolls couples that’s very easy to make. Even “How to make peg dolls”

How to make easy pipe cleaner doll

Here is an easy way to make a cute and easy doll using a pipe cleaner or chenille stick. This craft can be used for “How to make easy pipe cleaner doll”

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