How to make Park bunch pop up card 

Pop up cards are a great twist on the ordinary greetings card.Make a few simple cuts into a piece of decorative paper to create a tab. Push the tab forward and apply your pop-up image. If you want to work with a card you’ve purchased, just add tabs to the pop-up image and place it in the center of the card. The recipient of your pop-up card will love your creation!

A homemade card is a nice, affordable way to show someone you care. If your basic card feels like it’s missing an extra touch, add some pop up art. Pop up flowers are a perfect addition to greeting cards that will brighten someone’s day. Making them pop up is easily done with some extra paper and glue. Learning this technique should show you a skill applicable to other arts and crafts, enabling you to make pop up art of any shape.

This is the out line which I draw by hand , I hope it may useful to you .

You can give this beautiful card to your loved ones,Not only can you make someone’s day by sending them a handmade, pop-up greeting card, but you can also mail several out as birthday party invitations, or place them on the table to show where each guest will be seated. Your homemade card an instantly memorable and unique gift you can make yourself. What’s better than that?

Selecting the proper  cards to send out to friends and family can be a hassle, especially when trying to find unusual greeting cards that no one else will send you, so enjoy making your own with this wonderful park bunch pop-up card. Cards can be decorated differently, depending on your creativity. Imagine how happy those who receive this delightful handcrafted cards in their special occation

Here is the video tutorial

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