Graduate paper doll & greetings card

I’m so much excited and thrilled to be working with Handmade paper dolls and other easy craft ideas,I can’t wait to share this cute graduate paper doll and greetings card which is very easy to make in weekend craft section.Today I am going to sharing with you a simple yet super fun  paper doll craft to create with your little ones.

Once you have decided on and have to cut your characters ,please watch the video tutorial for clear instructions. I took glue to stick them together,and for this craft I only used easily available things .I made a paper doll resembled like a graduate doll, if you want you can make your favorite one,then give modification in their attire.Once the clothing is glued in place you’ll need to popsicle for stick your paper doll and if you wish to make a greetings card then you have to paste the paper doll on a greetings card paper,hope you got an idea.

For me, making a paper doll is became a pleasant surprise in a nostalgic way for me!because in my childhood my mom used to make like this dolls,when I am making paper dolls and some easy crafts I am remembering those days,and some of my craft ideas that I borrowed from my Mom, and she is my first craft teacher ! Happy craft guys !

Video tutorial

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