11 Handmade greetings cards / DIY Greetings card ideas

People always enjoy receiving a handmade greeting card for any occasion. So, why go out to the store and pay up to three dollars for a card that won’t make the person receiving it as happy as they would be if the card was homemade? You can make a greeting card from scratch or on the computer easily enough, and you might have some fun doing it.

Sure, you can go out and buy a greeting card, but nothing says love like the time and care it takes to make something homemade. Give your greeting cards a truly personal touch by making them yourself! Friends and family will be delighted to receive your unique designs in the mail, and it will take you less time than you think.

Card stock is the most common kind of paper used for greeting cards, because it is thick and sturdy and designed to take on pen ink. Construction paper is also a good option, as it will hold its shape well, though it is a bit thicker than your typical greeting cards.

 It’s always helpful to have all your supplies laid out in front of your before you begin your project. This way you can stay focused without the interruptions that would otherwise occur as you had to search for new materials. Depending on what kind of greeting card you plan to make, you’ll need glue, scissors or a paper cutter, paper or blank cards, envelopes, small decorations to put on the card, and a pen or pencil.

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