Tiny dolls made from Medicine tablets

I know its may sound funny ,but its a nice weekend craft project for your kids,collect some old tablets and make your tiny dolls.If you are looking for creative ways to make some easy crafts then you can try this.What better a creative way to spend your extra time than out of thinking something blah blah .I was looking for new creative ideas for my craft channels and I ended up with this tiny dolls,

When I stucked with this craft idea I am rethinking that whether they will be cute, adorable, or easy to make. Here are the result of my diy tablet crafts,if its inspire you I will be happy .These tablet decorations are a fresh alternative to clay;trust me I am so happy after making this tiny dolls,if you want you can personalize your tiny dolls

A single piece of medicine tablets have  full of possibilities for craft lovers. With a tablet, and punch of the material, you can create your tiny  personalized dolls? You can make a small basket full of this cute dolls.

Easy craft

Video tutorial

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