Recycled craft idea with Pista shell

Pista shell creatures are cute and very easy to make. Ask your parents,friends to keep the shells from nuts so that you can make endless creations, Pista shell crafts are the best recycled craft that you can make , and in this craft section I am introducing that how to make pista shell flowers for hair clip but this one you can turn as a necklace as well , thats up to you and your likes

Pista shells can be a nice and it should be a fondly remembered gifts for your loved ones. They can be used as decorative items around the home or as part of a craft project. If you are collecting pista shells , you can make many different craft items with that,recently i got one full bottle pista shell, can you imagine how happy I am as a craft lover ,so this time flower,and definitly I will come back with more Pista shell crafts, paint them to get beauty.

You can make even Pista shell necklaces it must be a  beautiful pieces of jewelry, and they can serve as lovely reminders for your craft items or you can also give them away as heartfelt gifts, or even sell them at a local craft fair or market. Because there are so many different kinds of craft ideas with this pista shells, when you make jewelry with this all necklace will be unique, and will have a personal touch.

Easy craft

Video tutorial

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