How to Make Wall Hanging at Home / Wall Hangings Craft Ideas

A DIY bamboo sticks wall hanging is a great way to use nature’s bounty to decorate your home space. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make a wall hanging using bamboo sticks and papers . The end design is up to you, as this article will give you the techniques and allows you to decide how to put the final arrangement together. The hanger is then perfect for hanging in the doors or walls.

Wall hangings are a fantastic addition to any home decor. Making your own personalized wall hanging will ensure it matches your style, the style of your home, and is exactly what you desire.  Some are using to make wall hangings in fabric or the canvassed art of choice against a wooden stretcher frame. Luckily, whatever type of wall hanging you choose to create, they are all easy, quick and fun to complete!

First you will need to choose the materials you wish to hang and display. You will also need to purchase one packets of bamboo sticks to make a frame, that is inexpensive. According to your creativity these vary widely in terms of thickness, color, etc. If you would rather make your own frame, before that check out our you tube video for clear instructions which added in below ( You tube channel : Aloha crafts )

At last paper flowers can make a beautiful decorate your wall hangings. Paper flowers up can make your room feel vibrant and lovely.

Video tutorial

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