How to make that fairy in a match box 

There are few things that we can relaxing and inspiring in craft time , but you can’t always go shops and purchasing costly things for doing crafts,isn’t it?  Make a cute little things  to enjoy the free time of your day, that’s definitely makes you happy ,then here is the idea that you can make match box fairies for your little ones with easily available things.

cute tiny dolls or fairies are a beautiful decoration and delight children of all ages. Use them to decorate your room or indoor garden areas like fairy gardens, or happily watch your children as they play with this tiny cute little things;even I love these cute little fairies. Once you know how to make a basic of this, you can make a fancier one and more with this. You can also make a different message boxes  with this. It won’t make you down, but it’ll look lovely as a cute thing that you can even gifts your friends .

Here’s a fun, new and craft ornament idea to try with the kids––match box crafts! according to your creativity you can make many things with this tiny boxes . Their very simplicity is what makes them so delightful to behold––they have a cuteness that people love to touch and keep with them.

It’s amazing how quickly that you can make this fairy box,so teach your kids this craft in their weekend craft project or school project. One essential skill that is important to train your kids in is the art of using scissors safely and well. This can be started with safety scissors at the early ages of 3-4 years. Not only does learning this skill help the child exhibit neatness in craft, but it also improves his or her fine motor skills and concentration levels. Concentrating with art or crafts make your kids productive as well as they will learn how to be patients.So you can make it with them and do fun with this craft .

Here is the video tutorial

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