How to make santa with peanut 

You gonna love this craft; because it’s that much cute and easy ; Christmas is on the way so let’s make peanut Santa! Ho Ho Ho
Making these  cute tiny diy crafts at home is easy to do and great for those who are love hobbies. Handmade things are so great activity to interact with kids on there weekends. This article provides simple methods to make Santa from peanut!

I made this santa for decorating my Christmas tree ,diys aren’t only a way to spend your extra time, but also its a happiness.You don’t always need to pay for help and it can be a lot of fun

You can even give it as a gift and it must be an precious one,and look around your surroundings you may find many recycling things.For example, maybe you have lots of old canvas and you want to repair it. Start paying attention to the things you need done around your house and you’ll find a ton of inspiration for diy projects.

Peanut is easily available not even costly, so why you are waiting let’s craft it.If you’re going to be doing your diy project with kids, make sure to take their skills and ages into account, too. Younger kids will need more supervision and shouldn’t handle things that might be dangerous, such as sharp scissors or hot glue.

If you want to learn something, have some fun,and quite possibly save some money, you could do it yourself. You’ll need a bit of know-how, a bit of courage, and perhaps a bit of practice, but you can do it.Happy craft!

Here is the video tutorial

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