How to make easy paper flowers for decoration

According to me, knowing to make beautiful flowers with paper is precious thing. But even if you’ve never even folded a paper before, don’t worry you can start here,because this paper flower making is very much easy that anyone can do who loves crafts.By following some simple instructions and using the right kind of paper, you could fold your own paper flower in minutes. Trust me  even your first attempt will look beautiful.

This flowers are best for class room craft ideas for kids,birthday decorations and so on,the best thing of this flower making is you can make this flower with in a minute.And these flowers make great gifts for Mother’s Day or as decorations or learning tools like what I mentioned above.Get colour papers which you like,here I used red colour paper (normal A4 paper red colour ) and cut it  at the size you want your flowers  to be. Once you have finish cut the paper then start to fold ,please watch the video for clear instructions.

Making a paper flower is a great way to flex your creativity muscle, decorate your home, or give someone a small but thoughtful gift. You can make a variety of paper flowers while using construction paper, tissue paper, or even origami paper. If you want to make a paper flower in no time at all, just follow these paper flower instructions.

Video tutorial

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