How to make easy origami flowers for greetings card decoration

Trust me ; this origami flowers are so easy to make , definitely you will love this .Some origami flowers are easy and some are more advanced, but I made sure to do my best to make the instructions as easy to follow as possible and one thing is this origami flower is so much easy to make

According to your creativity can use different colour papers,because different colored or patterned papers will give cool effects and to make beautiful origami always be sure to make your creases straight.Practice makes perfect when it comes to origami. Making clean, precise creases is the key to most origami structures

If you are a just beginner to making origami flower this is the best and easy flower to start ,With some simple materials and a little patience, you can create this beautiful flowers to decorate your space or greetings card. Use your imagination to make these paper origami flowers uniquely yours.

Here is the video tutorial

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