How to make easy bookmarks

Do you often find yourself at a loss for the perfect page-saver in your favorite novels? Don’t worry:be happy, you can make your own bookmark in dozens of styles so you never lose track of your reading again. Learn how to make a paper bookmark..This book marks are very easy and simple .

Select a heavy cardstock-like paper to act as the support for your bookmark, and then choose an  image or pattern then draw yourself otherwise copy it; be simple. I just select this cute cartoon pics to draw before painting

Even you can gift your friend this adorable bookmarks;If need add some decorative paper to the front and back of your bookmark, or draw your own images or quotes onto it. To create a glitzy look, add some glitter or sequins to the paper. Seal your bookmark with a liquid gel medium glossy look

Bookmarks can be made out of pretty much anything. You can use a rubber band or even a scrap piece of paper you found in your desk. If you want a more creative approach, you can cut out a rectangle of cardstock and write an inspiring quote or draw a picture on it.
Here is the video tutorial

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