Craft idea with cotton swab 

Its a simple craft project with cotton swab. The kids have been very intrested for simple craft project which will give the perfect result. This simple art activity was a way for the kids to document and recycled the easily available things, that have been so fascinating to them lately. I am always focusing to doing lots of simple craft works for kids. I  used  cotton swabs which is available in all shops to to make this cute organizer box. When I was done I was so happy and satisfied with my craft work,its a big happiness for me all the time when I am doing those craft works. If you want you can paint according to your wish .

This craft was super simple, but excellent for developing your kids talents as well.I took half of a cotton swab for making this craft and paste with glue gun,watch my video down below for clear instruction. Actually I was thinking that i have to make something very easy from cotton swab ,that ended up with this craft work.

With lot of excitement I am sharing this idea here ,hope everyone will love this, let’s make a fun treat for the kids to craft and enjoy! These are simple enough for little ones to help with, making it a great way to share the happiness together.

This would also make a great gift for friends as well and according to your creativity you can make even a pencil stand with this,hope you got an idea. Take more of these cotton swab and place them the same way and it will increase the height of this, so then pencil organizer is ready. Have a happy craft !

Video tutorial

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