6 Useful Cardboard box craft ideas

Cardboard box craft ideas;Making a cardboard craft is a fun project for kids and adults alike! Whether you just want to have some summer fun or want to make your own DIY home decor, you can make your own cardboard DIY craft at home without spending a lot of money. All you need are basic materials, some creativity, and a few hours. In this picture you can see that I made a DIY planter from cardboard ,watch the video tutorial down below for how to make instructions.For More crafts visit our YouTube channel Aloha crafts

1. DIY Wallet

Cardboard box craft ideas: wallet
DIY Cardboard purse

This DIY purse made out of cardboard ,this is very easy and useful craft idea. Watch video tutorial here

2. DIY Cloth hanger

Cardboard box craft ideas : cloth hanger
DIY Cardboard cloth hanger

Cardboard is very useful to make some diy projects ,this unicorn cloth hanger made out of cardboard , a best out of waste.Cardboard box craft ideas are simply cheap and easy crafts that you can try at home. Watch video tutorial here

3. DIY Cardboard slippers

Cardboard box craft ideas : slipper
cardboard slipper

This DIY slipper made out of cardboard , we can do many crafts out of cardboards, in this craft project I am showing 6 DIY craft ideas, hope you all enjoy.

11 jewelry making ideas from waste

4. Jewelry organizer

Cardboard box craft ideas : organizer
DIY Organizer

Personal touches can make your desk a much more organized. One easy way to personalize your desk and keep all of your little desk accessories organized is to create a mini desk organizer. You can create one using cardboard, glue, and decorative materials of your choice.

5. DIY pen holder

Cardboard box craft ideas : pen holder
DIY pen holder

Pen holders are not only functional, but they can also be a cute or fun addition to any office or desk. Pencil holders can be made from almost anything, and you can usually find the supplies for a pencil holder lying around your home. You can make a cute, glitzy, rustic, vintage, simple, or modern pencil holder. The options are endless so have fun with it and do something creative.

6. DIY Jewelry organizer

DIY Jewelry organizer

A woman’s jewelry is often her most prized possession, but sometimes storing the pieces becomes a problem as her collection grows over time. Here are several ways to make your own jewelry box to keep your precious items safe. They also make a cute, personalized gift!

Watch Video tutorial here

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