Dolls eye from medicine strip 

I am really excited to share you all this awesome craft idea , because hereafter you no need to buy dolls eye from shop 

Only you need is medicine strip ; this dolls eye I made in my way 

According to the size of medicine strip you can make different type of dolls eyes

Here is the video tutorial 

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  1. That is certainly unique and better than buying glass eyes at the fabric store or arts and crafts store! Thank you for stopping by my blog – I used to be an artsy-craftsy girl when I was younger and when I worked in a larger office, I loved making little craftsy treats for my co-workers for various holidays. Now, I work from home, just by myself, so no more treats being made. I am a fellow animal lover like yourself, and that is perhaps how you found my blog. Thank you for stopping by there and subscribing and I am subscribing to yours as well. – Linda

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