DIY Pencil decorations / Back to school crafts

Sometimes normal pencils can be so dull, can’t they? The generic pencil is especially one that is quick to awaken boredom if you are forced to look at it every single day. The wish to actually do any writing with it seems nonexistent. Your work space must radiate cheerfulness and your own personal style. You can have the most beautifully decorated office but if your pencils look dull your work environment won’t be as jolly as can be! Allow us to present these DIY pencils and please let us know which ones do you like best!
I used POM POMS to create this crafts, and these are the best and easy back to school crafts that you should try with your kids, definitely they gonna love this adorable pencil decoration craft ideas
Back to school pencil craft ideas
Back to school pencil craft ideas
Back to school Pencil craft ideas
Back to school pencil craft ideas

Video tutorial

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