DIY Flowers from cotton / Easy Flower Making Idea for Home Decor By Aloha Crafts

Do you want to make a flower out of cotton? You can make a realistic flower, or an original one-of-a-kind flower from cotton! These flowers make great gifts for Mother’s Day, romantic occasions, or as decorations or learning tools. This methods of making cotton flowers may be better for kids or for adults, so Be sure to check out our video tutorial down below or Watch here .

Cotton flowers are perfect for weddings, get-well-soons, birthdays, baby showers, decorations, and just a kind “thinking of you” moment for anyone in your life. They are easy and cheap to make, so you really don’t have to worry about the cost or your level of skill. You don’t have to make a whole bouquet either – just one flower with a card tied to it is pretty and can be that extra touch you’re looking for.

Everyone loves decorating with flowers, but even with careful upkeep, your beautiful blooms will eventually droop. The solution? Creating your own floral substitutes! With a bit of colorful construction paper or tissue paper, your pretty, self-crafted bouquets will brighten up any room. But here I am using cotton for making beautiful flowers.

Watch video tutorial here

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