DIY Bottle art / Easy Bottle Craft Idea

A DIY bottle is perfect to use as a Room decor, Watch more Room decor if you like. There are a couple of different ways to create a bottle arts here I am posting one awesome idea that you can try at home but Which method you use depends on what you want to use the bottle for. If you want a durable, chip-free finish please apply varnish over the bottle. And don’t for get to visit My YouTube for more craft videos.

If you’re looking for a fun crafting exercise that is also kind to the environment, consider making bottle crafts out of recycled household items. Making crafts using recyclables is cost efficient, and many of the materials can easily be found around your house or in your recycling bin. All you need to get started is some creativity, and you’ll have a cool recycled craft in no time.

There are lots of ways to recycle bottles, and turning them into this adorable bottle art is one of them. With a little bit of paint, time, and creativity, you can turn bottles into an adorable DIY art. If you have a lot of bottles then you can create many recycled crafts.

Watch video tutorial here

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