cute pen holder made with plastic bottle 

With in 5mt you can make this beautiful pen holder ; this one also a very easy craft project that you can give your kids A craft with plastic bottles or any ideas with out of waste materials are awesome. You can even use of numerous materials, such as paper, newsprint, photographs, ribbons ,bottle caps,soda can and so on for recycled crafts,here I used plastic bottle, cut paper from empty tissue box and floral fabric piece.Craft  experiment with a recycled materials to achieve amazing end results is an awesome idea. This article provides a sample of the many possibilities limited only by your creativity and imagination.

Making this nice pen holder I used plastic bottle , tissue box cover paper, floral printed fabric , double side tape, fevicol and satin ribbon …All are easily available things , right?Crafts can range from a simple organizers or making your own clothes. If you want to show your love and care the people whom you love in there special day, one of the best ways is handmade gifts. You can make this pen holder as a gift and send as a gift of them. You can also get involved in craft making in your free time, there are a number of ways you can give back through crafts. This article will tell you how to make crafts easily.

Consider this craft idea for creating free time crafts with your teenagers or elderly people. You can make even hand craft community in your apartment or crafting class could be a mother/daughter operation, or it could take place at a retirement community. Many elderly people knit, crochet or embroider and may be interested in meeting with people who are of a different generation.If you are joining or making a craft community then make this easy crafts with your friends who is joined the community ,thats a best way to use your free time .

Do visit my YouTube channel :Aloha crafts, and here is the video tutorial

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    1. Ravi ,first of all thank you so much for the appreciation ,and yah; holding many pens or some other things you can keep some pebbles inside the plastic bottle which i kept inside !

      1. Sounds good, thanks. Your art deserves attention. I am going through the posts in chronology and will see your other works too shortly. You have a nice blog

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