Craft idea with empty fabric paint bottles 

As a crafter I have a collection of various colours of fabric/acrylic paints in bottles; once it is empty usually I used to throw away, but this time I thought I will make something out of this , that ended up into this creation .Do you want to know all there is to know about bottle craft? Your reasons may be so that you want to spend your free time that something productive, or you love to do little cute crafts, and if you are interested in DIY this article and blog will provide plenty of ideas for you to be a happy crafter !

I used air dry clay for this creation ; air dry clay is very easy to use because that’s no need to bake it will dry with in 10-15 mts .After dry the clay I used to paint it ; hope you all will love this

According to your creativity you can decorate this tiny bottles as you like , it’s really easy and simple ,

Here is the video tutorial

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