Coin purse made with book paper 

Make this purse out of an old (preferably old and unloved) book. It’s sure to be a conversation starter wherever you take it and you’ll get to recycle a discarded book in the process.Used book stores, library book sales, and thrift stores are good places to find a tome that will suit this purpose.

Paper crafting is a fun hobby. It is most commonly used to create scrapbooks, but did you know that you can use it to create purses as well? With the right technique, you can create a paper purse , except that it is made out of paper. Paper purses are fragile, however, and best used as gift bags, card holders or as a coin keeper; you can also use them the way you like.
Purses can be a quick and easy accessory  town, but they can get expensive. If you know how to make a purse, especially from inexpensive supplies, you can expand your accessories wardrobe without spending too much money. You can even recycle kitchen linens or old fabrics around your house, making your new clutch a green project, as well.

Video tutorial

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