7 Bottle Painting Craft Ideas /Bottle Craft

Bottle Painting : Instead of recycling your empty glass bottles, you can reuse them. By turning them into Beautiful Decorations for your home. Bottle Painting, that you can easily decorate your glass bottles with supplies like paint, glitter and so on. However you decide to decorate your bottles, completely empty them and rinse them out before you get started. Make sure you have a spot to display your works of art when you’re finished with them!

Bottle Painting

Bottle Painting

Fill the bottle with hot soapy water to remove all residue, then rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of soap. Let air dry before proceeding. If the bottle has a label, it’s usually easiest to soak the bottle in hot water. For a short time to soften the glue and lift the label.

There are lots of ways to recycle bottles, and turning them into adorable piece of art. With a little bit of paint, time, and creativity, you can turn to glass bottles into an adorable handmade things. If you have a lot of bottles then you can create these 7 Glass Bottle Craft Ideas !!

These bottle crafts are easy to make , for example this bottle decorated with paper thread and pistachio shells. According to your imagination you can do bottle decoration in many ways.Don’t forget to watch the video tutorial down below.

Bottle Painting

Recycling is a great way to help save the environment and reduce waste.waste bottle craft Instead of tossing your old glass bottles into the recycling bottle craft. However, why not turn them into a piece of art instead? This way, you can start recycling items directly from your home. And you’ll have something useful at the end of the day. Watch video tutorial to know bottle decoration ideas

Bottle Painting

Do you want to make bottle planter, a best bottle art? here you go. This adorable handmade bottle craft will make your room or table light up .For this craft I only used pom poms.

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