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Arts and crafts is a skill that people of all ages can enjoy. If you know a young child who’s interested in learning the craft, choose easy craft ideas that they can comfortably handle. Show the child a few craft ideas like this and help them do them self in a free time. Woolen thread flower making is very easy and elegant.

There are few craft ideas that will be very much useful. Woolen flowers are beautiful and even useful, but you know they make an excellent crafts like handmade purse, flower bouquet,hair clips, DIY photo frames and so on. when neatly arrange together, you can make things easily like in this picture. When flower making completed, you can arrange as you fancy. Don’t forget to watch the video tutorial down below for clear instruction.

You can make simple yet beautiful flower hair clip from a woolen threads. Once you know this technique that how to make woolen flowers, you feel most comfortable making, you can also customize your floral creations to your own personal tastes.

As I told that you can also customize your floral creations to your own personal tastes , so here is the other type of hair clip that you can for your little princess.

DIY Photo frame which made out of woolen flowers and cardboard , its very easy than you think and this is the best summer craft project for your children as well.

According to your wish you can make or decorate anything with these beautiful DIY woolen thread flowers,here you can see that I made pen organizer with woolen flowers.

Here you can see the next DIY idea with woolen flowers is a flower ball ,it’s very easy to make that I just used thermocoal ball ,pins and flowers

Last but not least , a DIY flower bouquet , same as before you can use these woolen flowers for making flower bouquet

Watch video tutorial here

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