6 Awesome Diy Home Organizer and Decor Craft Projects From Cardboard by Aloha Crafts

Hi, craft lovers, just think of the most accessible, cheap and easy to work with material for crafting? I’ll give you a couple of seconds to think about it because that’s all you’ll need.If you said cardboard, you are most certainly right! There’s tons of it and you probably have your garage full of it, stacked into boxes that came with gifts, appliances or furniture. But do you know that you can make a lot of cool little items that you can decorate your home with or make life around the house a little tidier just by using cardboard as a crafting material? WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE

1.Elephant Bookshelf from cardboard

2.Cardboard Bag

3. Clutch Made From Toothpicks

4.Prayer Box From Paint Box

5.Cardboard Wall Decor

6.Cardboard Organizer

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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