5 Handmade Home Decor Craft Items / DIY Home Decor Ideas

Making handmade home decor items doesn’t have to be expensive, because we can make many home decor items from waste materials like cardboard, papers, and so on. So probably you have many ordinary items that you can recycle or can give new life as decorations. So before you throw anything, look at it with a creative eye. There might just be a way it can become part of your beautifully unique home. In this article, I am sharing 5 handmade home decors that you can easily DIY at your home.

1. DIY Fridge magnets

I am so happy with this creation, after this, my kitchen looks so alive. These tiny bottle plants fridge magnets I made from finished acrylic paint bottles, then I kept money plants in it. Watch Video Here

2. Hippie/ Boho Wall Decor

For making this adorable Boho wall art, you need cotton fabric ( I used grocery bag ), fabric, or acrylic paints. This art is so relaxed to do, and even you will get an awesome wall d├ęcor as well. Watch the Video tutorial here

3. DIY pom-pom sheep

For making this cute little creation you need pom-pom, chart paper, toothpicks, and a piece of cardboard. Do not forget to watch the video tutorial for clear instructions.

4. Sleeping Eye Mask

DIY sleeping eye mask, this cute bunny sleeping mask made from soft fleece fabric, watch the video to know how to make this beautiful eye mask at home.

5. DIY Bag

The very easy and simple handbag you can make at home. for making this DIY bag I used felt papers and some flowers.

Watch the Video tutorial here

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