5 DIY Matchbox Greetings card Ideas / Cute craft ideas By Aloha crafts

Empty match boxes can be turned into a cute little greeting cards. This miniature cards can be used any occasion like birthday, valentines day, mother’s days and so on .WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE

This cute little matchbox greetings card you can use as a love card ,it’s best that you can give your hubby on wedding anniversary day or even you can use this affordable little diy card as a wedding present . For this craft I used Match box, scrape paper and cloth pin.

Super simple to craft, these little cards are best for handmade cute little gifts. Once you’ve removed the matches themselves, and paint with acrylic colour,then make a miniature gift , here I made a button cycle ( WATCH FULL VIDEO MATCHBOX CARDS IDEAS HERE ) . Then write some message or quote on paper and paste on the matchbox ,it’s ready !!!!

This matchbox greeting card especially for friends you can give this on friendship day or any other occasions.For this I used beads,glitter paper for wings, stone chain, fabric and matchbox.

Cute little card / message box for your valentine , a best valentines day handmade card idea, hope you like it .


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