Affordable Handmade Dollar tree Gift Box | Aloha Crafts

Homemade gifts can be an easy, fun, and affordable way to make something special for loved ones or friends. Depending on how much money you want to spend on your gift, you can make thoughtful, unique things for others. Homemade gifts also give you a sense of satisfaction for having made the gift all by yourself. This adorable gift box I made as a valentine’s day gift but it’s good for any occation.

 To make this fast, simple, and inexpensive gift, you will need: cardboard box, gift papers,chart paper, color pens, glue and elastic thread . And you can easily able to find all of these supplies at your home or local craft store.

Looking for a heartfelt gift that won’t leave you broke? Try making this beautiful gift box your own. There are literally hundreds of affordable DIY projects that make great gifts. These sorts of gifts can make a major impression — in fact, taking the time to make them by hand is often more impressive than spending lots of cash.

Watch video tutorial here

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