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3 Magic School Supplies/ School Bag From Bed-sheet

Ever needed a school bag, but couldn’t find the right one? Why not make your own? There are lots of ways to make a school bag from a simple, In this article, I am gonna show 3 simple and easy school supplies. And the interesting part is DIY school bag made out of fleece bed-sheet fabric. Do not forget to watch the video tutorial for clear instructions.

Do It Yourself this cute mini-book, and it will color up your school supplies. Handmade activities are supposed to be productive and useful, rather than just an arts and crafts project. 

Pen decoration is so funny and easy. These allow you to make beautiful, one of a kind pens for a relatively low cost. you can make a simple pen decoration out of many common materials, from foam, cotton, glitter paper, and so on.

Watch Video Tutorial here

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