How to make a beautiful Indian paper doll

Paper dolls are easy to make and in this craft project I am showing sari wearing paper doll ; it’s pretty interesting , isn’t it?When I decided to make a paper doll tutorial , I was super excited. I mean, wouldn’t the paper simply turn over the pretty doll? But I realized that with paper can make pretty sari wearing doll,I have an experience which I made paper doll before,but this time little different that is I make them to wear a sari,funny cool right?  Ooh la la….I am so happy because the dolls was so cute.This paper craft is great for a pretty, budget-friendly special Day gift.

This is one of the best craft with your kids in weekend , I am sure that they gonna love this craft.Sometimes do-it-yourself projects are pure sweat and tears, but it doesn’t always have to be. This craft is one of my favorite DIY projects & how-to craft tutorials that are not only clever, they’re also ingeniously simple!so Enjoy the craft!

Here is the video tutorial

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