How to make woolen thread flower earrings

Woolen thread flower earrings are so simple and easy to make,and I have always absolutely adored flower earrings, so I don’t know how I am getting some ideas to make flower earrings ,I made many type of flower earring from fabrics,papers,clay,threads and so on . I really wanted to make many flower earrings for myself and friends but it should be handmade one and cheaper also.

Woolen threads are easily available in all shops,A hope to do a few more DIYs with these in the near future but a few ideas include glue them to rings, bobby pins, flip flop, a clutch or a headband and so on.  You could glue a magnet to the back of them to make some super cute decor for your fridge. They would make adorable game tiles too.

Here is the video to learn how to make woolen thread flower earrings,hope you all gonna love this …
Happy craft !

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