How to make satin ribbon flower earrings

When I am wearing flower earrings my friends and colleges often asking me ‘Hey ! did you made this ? because they knows I am always concentrating to make tiny flower earrings .This time I made this flower earrings from satin ribbons ,and this flower earrings are so cute

After making this everyday I am wearing these tiny flowers ,I got many orders to make this .I made many of this tiny earrings ,I felt so happy when someone appreciating my works

for making this i just used needle and thread you can use glue gun instead of thread,for making this tiny flowers you only need satin ribbons and thread or glue gun ,How easy isn’t?

I hope you love this  tiny flowers as much as I do! Now it’s time to show how beautiful this tiny handmade crafts ,I am so happy to share the ideas which I know , this you have DIY’ed all by yourself on a minimal budget. I can guarantee an item like this would be very expensive if you purchased it in a store!

I love sharing tutorials and creating craft ideas .And here is the video tutorial that teach you how to make this tiny flower earrings

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