How to make paper flower earrings


I have always absolutely adored paper flowers and especially paper rose flower  earrings, so I don’t know why I love this cute tiny flowers to wear ,so it’s taken me to make these kind of paper flowers. I really wanted to make some earrings for myself and friends.

When I started to make this flower earrings, I just thought these were so cute that I couldn’t resist doing another one especially for them 🙂
You will need
colour papers
. scissors
ear stud
For making this adorable earrings you only need few things which I mention above and this diy earring coast is very less
There are many of craft projects that you can make with your children and this craft require no special skills and that take less than 10 mts of your time. In fact, most of the craft ideas that I’ve rounded up here is easy and 10 to 30 mts to make !
Here is the video tutorial that shows how to make paper flower earrings …hope you all will like this

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