How to make Gypsy/Boho jewellery from plastic rope

The world of mine have very important role for jewellery , because I love them and I am too much fond of gypsy and Boho jewelry designs, because they are unique as well as stunning

Today I was roaming around backyard in my home, I saw my Appa was doing some work there I found a piece of plastic wire , suddenly I got an ideas ; then my thought become reality I made a beautiful piece of bangle with plastic rope !

I am a craft lover so whatever things I am seeing I am hardly thinking what I make with that , for example plastic bottles, fabrics, buttons, satin ribbon, cotton and so on .And I love to share what I know with you all, so I started my YouTube channel (Aloha crafts ) and my blog

I hope that you all gonna love this DIY bangle making idea with recycled rope , Here is the video tutorial

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