How to make bangle from plastic bottle

It’s easy and fun to make bangles  from plastic bottles. You can decorate them in many different ways, allowing you to create lots of bangles that match different outfits. Save a fortune and re-purpose those plastic bottles into something fashionable.For making this plastic bottle bangles I used satin ribbon and embroidery thread (red)

 Clean the drinking plastic bottle and allow the bottle to dry properly before making the bangles.Measure the width of the bottle, this will be determined by your preference, along with what the bangle needs to hold by way of decoration.For me I used medium type bottle that exactly correct size for me.

And you can either wrap the satin ribbon around and around the bangle, creating neat overlap lines; or, you can carefully wrap the entirety of the bangle, gluing into the middle of the inside of the bangle.Glue the starting end, then every few wraps of the fabric with the first way, then glue the finishing end.For this craft I used double side tape,I found easy with that.If wrapping the entirety, roll glue over the bangle first, then glue at the join of the fabric. Add a length of ribbon or scrap fabric over the join, to neaten, and glue in place.

Video tutorial

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