How to make easy Rose flower earrings

I used paper strips (quilling paper) for this DIY earrings.Paper flower earrings are quick and easy to make. You can find different colours of quilling papers to create one-of-a-kind flower earrings for yourself, for your friends, or to sell.

Making flower earrings is easy once you have assembled your materials;
Before you get started, you will need :-
Paper strips (Quilling paper ) : colours as you like
glue (Fevicol)
Stud earring flat backs
Glue gun

Some days one pair of earrings just isn’t enough ; so this paper flower can easily make as much colour you want.And you can make simple yet beautiful flowers from a wide range of paper and other materials. Once you know which materials you feel most comfortable using, you can also customize your floral creations to your own personal tastes.

Nothing spices up your look quite like a pair of these beautiful flower earrings;They can be cool, elegant, trendy, or just plain original! Making your own flower earrings is the perfect way to express your creativity and to put together the perfect earrings you’ve always wanted.

You can make this flowers for earrings very easily with only papers; once you know the technique you are going to love making this beautiful handmade earrings.Making your own earrings is a perfect way to add some flair to your jewelry box or to create a thoughtful gift for a close friend. To make your own earrings, all you need is a few items from a craft store and the desire to express your creative side. If you want to make earrings that will dazzle everyone in sight, just follow these steps.

Here is the video tutorial which will teach you how to make your own flower earrings easily

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