How to make ear stud with pista shell

Pista shell  ear studs are cute and very easy to make. Ask your parents to keep the shells from nuts so that you can make endless creations. Or, make your creatures using plain shell or painted one,it makes a lovely sound and is interesting to roll back and forth.

See the colors suggested above for ideas on good color as your choices. If you are painting a multi-colored also nice, let the first color dry before applying the fabric flower. And don’t forget give decoration as your own!

Painted pista shells are always beauty as its own way. While pista shells are always beautiful in their own right, a little decorating can personalize pista shells and may be suitable for adorning other craft or art project that you’re making.

Homemade  crafts are  always cost-effective, fun to create, and may end up being keepsakes. They also make great gifts. watch the video down below to learn how to make this beautiful earstuds

Here is the video tutorial

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