How to make a gypsy style necklace

I am really fond of wearing gypsy and boho style jewelry as a craft lover my love if those type of jewelry ended up with making of this diy necklace out of cardboard paper .When designing your own jewelry, you will first want to get ideas. This will help you to think about which design aspects are most important to you and what will best fit your needs.

Once you have decided upon the design aspects you enjoy most and what your needs and desires are, you will want to decide which materials are best for you. Some material choices will be based on taste, some on availability, and some on necessity.I used cardboard paper,embroidery threads,acrylic/fabric paint,mirror,beads and glue.

Frequently used in jewelry-making, beads can provide interest for a simple chain or they can be strung together to back up a more opulent pendant. Beads can be inexpensive or pricey depending on their material and they do come in a very wide range of materials.As your wish you can select beads ,I used wooden beads.

There are countless ways to make jewelry. DIY  jewelry  are quickly becoming popular,because making own jewelry with recycled things are very easy and they are cute and shabby and unique. There are also lots of ways to make them,  even from using plain fabric to lace to fabric-covered buttons. Whichever method you choose, you are bound to end up with something cute and unique!

Here is the video tutorial

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