Easy way to make beads flower for hair clip !

Every little princess loves beautiful attire with hair clips , so i decided to make a D I Y hair clip with tiny and shining beads .I really enjoyed to make this beads flower ,watch the video down below for clear instructions.

Beads flowers are easy to make and in this craft projects I am showing that how can we make a beautiful bead jewelry in a very easy way ,must watch the video tutorial ,its worth.If you are searching for free time hobby which you can even sell,yes! this is the best and easy craft for sell

Collect different colors of this beads which will suit for your little ones cloth ,then ake this very easy beads flowers ,they gonna love this .

This is the best handmade gift for presenting as birthday gift,make many different colors ,it will be so beautiful.Happy craft !

Video tutorialhttps://youtu.be/FLrZVgVjFWs

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