Easy technique to make ribbon rose for flower earrings

I am really fond of flower earrings , so I am always love to make flowers with ribbon, paper and so on .Making a ribbon flower is a great way to flex your creativity muscle, decorate your home, or give someone a small but thoughtful gift. You can make a variety of ribbon flowers for making Jewelry. If you want to make a satin ribbon flower in no time at all, you are in a right place,down below I kept my Youtube video tutorial as well .(my youtube channel : Aloha crafts)

And this technique I am gonna show you an easiest way to make flower for earrings, and ribbon flowers are perfect for weddings,dress design, birthdays, baby showers, decorations, and just a kind “thinking of you” moment for anyone in your life. They are easy and cheap to make, so you really don’t have to worry about  your level of skill,here I will show you the easy way that you gonna love!

Can make many colours of this satin flower earrings match for tour outfits,and they’re eye-catching and colorful as well as inexpensive satin ribbons. Choose a colour to make,
Here is the video tutorial

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