DIY woven necklace ; Gypsy style 

Threads and cords are great necklace options for many types of pendants, including woven pendants. You can make this in many colors and easily be cut to the desired length. After finish the woven you can add a beads,tassels,hangings and so on for a unique look of a thread necklace. This necklace pendant is so beautiful. In many cases, whether due to the unique gypsy style of the pendant, a much cleaner look can be achieved by hanging the pendant from a bail rather than directly from the embroidery threads . This design is extremely quick, simple, and unobtrusive.

Embroidery threads are one of my most loved things to DIY,more over I am a super fan of gypsy style jewelleries . It could be the stunning and unique ,and this is one of the designs finished as  woven jewelry, Warm & Natural batting for the background,for this craft you can even use fabric or threads that as you like,woven technique is so simple and easy.

Easy craft

Video tutorial

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