DIY Paper clip earstuds

What you think about that making your own  earrings ;and there are different methods for making handmade earrings, that is depending on your own level of jewelry making skills,but I am promising you that this is very much easy to make

This is the simplest method of making DIY earstuds;because for this earrings you need only paper clip ;how easy ,right?

As a minimalist I love these kind of jewellery ,because its small and beautiful in its own way ,I am so much happy about all the things,which i made myself because made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality,its definitely make you happy

To me,its simple and elegant jewelery, and always handmade gets its value from being a labour of love and design. I love making handmade items for giving gifts ,because all handmade items having positive vibes from there maker so I love continues handmade things

Here is rhe video tutorial

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