DIY flower earrings/How to make flower earrings

You are a house wife or you are thinking about starting your own home based business. This idea is attractive and you can sell this diy flower earrings easily,but you need to do some preliminary planning and preparation.A home-based business should focus on something that is easy to sell and that you can be constantly involved in. This tiny flowers are very easy to make and its so much attractive as well ,if you want you can contact fancy shop which is situated near you and can start to sell your creativity,pretty good , right?

Handmade jewelry has one main adventure that is, each piece will be unique. The jewelry that you make as a part of your hobby could easily transform into a wonderful and successful home-based business idea.Remember that any type of craft that generates consumer attention could be turned into a successful business idea.

Instead of embroidery threads  you can use woolen threads as well. Make this cute flower ear studs and hair clip with your kids, It will not just keep the kids occupied, but also encourage him to try out new things. From beautiful threads to flower jewelry

Embroidery is a great material for creativity. From, all most all craft shops we can easily get these threads, variety of colours are available for experimenting with your creativity .

Video tutorial

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