DIY Earrings made out of Rice

Weekend means the time for cleaning and resetting your home after long days. And this special day you can add some pixy dust to your beautiful holiday by trying out some new crafts. Even if you’re not a naturally patient or creative person, there’s sure to be a easy crafts that will work perfectly for you and your home.I am sure this craft is so easy to make so definitly you should try

Crafts can range from a simple ornament to difficult one ,but I am always selecting easiest one. If you want to give back to your community or to people you love, one of the ways this is possible is through crafting. You can craft for giving handmade gift for your loved ones ,selling and make some extra money yourself ,for your use and so on,send handmade gift to someone that will give that person happiness and positive vibes as well. You can also get involved in craft making in order to sell your items. This article will tell you how to make a very simple craft crafts .

Your purpose might be to make a gift for someone,or to use up certain materials you have on hand, to practice or demonstrate a new technique, to produce a useful or decorative objects,Here I am showing that how can we use Rice as creative way

Video tutorial

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