DIY Bangles with fabric  #Gypsy style

It’s easy and fun to make bangles from fabric ; and here I used plastic bottle as well , I think now you got  an ideas ; isn’t ? Then you can decorate them in many different ways, allowing you to create lots of bangles that match different outfits. Save a fortune and re-purpose those plastic bottles into something fashionable.

For this method of bangle making you will need
-Plastic bottle
-pieces of fabrics
-golden threads or normal threads
-beads (optional) for decorate the bangle

This DIY bangles you can make for your matching dress :If you hate throwing stuff away and love wearing unique jewelry, then cut and keep the fabrics for this gypsy style unique bangles then those fabrics into a beautiful match jewelery made in heaven. It’s easy to collect  fabrics if you dont think that yours old dress fabrics are not match for this type DIY jewelry then you can easily find it from near sewing shop ,from there you can find dozens of different colours of fabrics !

Honestly I am fall in love with this gypsy style bangles;because the process making this jewelry is easy, and you will be left with a handmade, sophisticated piece of jewelry. Try  this technique for making your own unique jewelry at home, and show off your creative sense of style

Here is the video tutorial

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