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DIY Handmade jewelry /How to make jewelry

Today I made a video for making Easy Earrings At home , Its a beautiful Craft to make at home for self use or selling. This DIY craft video is made very simple to recreate and hope you will enjoy this crafts. DIY Handmade jewelry DIY Handmade jewelry DIY Handmade jewelry DIY Handmade jewelry DIY […]

How to make paper flower earrings

I love flower earrings, so I am always thinking about the crafts ideas for making flower earrings, so this it’s ended up with these beautiful diy paper flower earrings DIY paper flower earrings DIY paper flower earrings DIY paper flower earrings DIY paper flower earrings DIY paper flower earrings Video tutorial (My YouTube channel : […]

DIY earrings made from glue

DIY earrings made from glue is easy to make and it’s a satisfied craft work as well. I used fevicol (white glue) for this DIY craft idea. Hope you all will like this DIY earrings made from glue DIY earrings made from glue DIY earrings made from glue DIY earrings made from glue Watch video […]

Diy flower earrings/Diy jewellery /How to make your own jewelry

Diy flower earring made out of felt paper , first of all its very easy to make more over very precious handmade thing or gift Diy flower earrings Diy flower earrings Video tutorial

DIY egg carton jewelry

This DIY craft idea may be funny but trust me its simple and easy to make and the result must be stunning Diy egg carton jewelry Diy egg carton jewelry Diy egg carton jewelry Diy egg carton jewelry Video tutorial

Easy DIY Bracelet

Easy DIY bracelet , this bracelet is handmade and its very easy to make yourself as well Easy DIY bracelet Easy DIY bracelet Video tutorial

DIY bottle cap earrings tutorial

DIY bottle cap earrings , it’s a great recycled diy craft idea, and you can make this diy craft very easily as well DIY earrings DIY earrings Video tutorial

DIY flower earrings/How to make flower earrings

You are a house wife or you are thinking about starting your own home based business. This idea is attractive and you can sell this diy flower earrings easily,but you need to do some preliminary planning and preparation.A home-based business should focus on something that is easy to sell and that you can be constantly […]

How to make easy diy handmade jewelry

I love to make my own earrings, so this time I made this diy beads earrings hope you all gonna love this Easy diy jewellery Easy diy jewellery Video tutorial ( My YouTube channel : Aloha crafts ) please SUBSCRIBE

DIY Earrings made out of Rice

Weekend means the time for cleaning and resetting your home after long days. And this special day you can add some pixy dust to your beautiful holiday by trying out some new crafts. Even if you’re not a naturally patient or creative person, there’s sure to be a easy crafts that will work perfectly for […]

DIY floral crown

Flower crowns have been taking the world  by storm recently. Whether it’s a birthday,wedding or just an afternoon out with your best friend, flower crowns seem to be the go-to accessory nowadays. when its wear its looks beautiful.Personally I love flower crowns,so I decided to make one with out much cost. This D I Y […]

Cute earrings made from popsicle

Buying pieces of jewelry can be pretty expensive, even if it’s just costume jewelry. However, crafting handmade jewelry can mean much more than making nice pieces of jewelry pieces at lower cost; you can also make jewelry that closely matches your personal style and taste. By learning a few basic techniques, you should be able […]

Easy way to make beads flower for hair clip !

Every little princess loves beautiful attire with hair clips , so i decided to make a D I Y hair clip with tiny and shining beads .I really enjoyed to make this beads flower ,watch the video down below for clear instructions. Beads flowers are easy to make and in this craft projects I am […]

Best use of bottle caps/ DIY hair clips for kids

Recycling if a great way to help the environment. A lot of people like to turn their used bottles into painted organizer, pencil holders, or even jewelry. Unfortunately, the caps tend to go to waste. With a little know-how and creativity, however, you can turn bottle caps into all sorts of beautiful things. If you […]

Flower earrings & hair clip made with felt paper.

You are a house wife or you are thinking about starting your own home-based business. This idea is very attractive and you can sell this craft easily.but you need to do some preliminary planning and preparation.A home-based business should focus on something that is easy to sell and that you can be constantly involved in. […]

DIY woven necklace ; Gypsy style 

Threads and cords are great necklace options for many types of pendants, including woven pendants. You can make this in many colors and easily be cut to the desired length. After finish the woven you can add a beads,tassels,hangings and so on for a unique look of a thread necklace. This necklace pendant is so […]

How to make easy flower earrings

Your purpose might be to make a gift for someone,or to use up certain materials you have on hand, to practice or demonstrate a new technique, to produce a useful or decorative object, Okay ; if you have satin ribbon,needle and thread then do this beautiful ribbon for making earrings,its must be a best gift […]

How to re use tape roll /recycled craft idea

If we will see things with creative mind everything can recycle.In this article I am going to show you all the best DIY idea from empty tape roll, I made a bangle from that It’s very easy way to make your own bangles without any expenses; pretty cool ,isn’t it? Even kids also can make […]

Best use of old fabrics and first aid cotton #cotton ball jewellery 

I am so happy and excited to show you this beautiful diy necklace out of old fabric and first aid cotton , cool isn’t ? It’s very easy and beautiful , you can make this cute necklace with match cut pieces of your fabrics I hope you all gonna love this because it’s really cute […]

How to make Gypsy/Boho jewellery from plastic rope

The world of mine have very important role for jewellery , because I love them and I am too much fond of gypsy and Boho jewelry designs, because they are unique as well as stunning Today I was roaming around backyard in my home, I saw my Appa was doing some work there I found […]

Easy technique to make ribbon rose for flower earrings

I am really fond of flower earrings , so I am always love to make flowers with ribbon, paper and so on .Making a ribbon flower is a great way to flex your creativity muscle, decorate your home, or give someone a small but thoughtful gift. You can make a variety of ribbon flowers for […]

Flower earrings made with drinking straw

I fond of flower earrings ; I made many and here I am going show you how to make a flower earrings from drinking straw  Different colours of drinking straws are available in shops , and mainly they were not costly at all  It’s very easy to make , with in 5-10 Mt you can […]

Jewellery set made with paper clip 

Paper clip jewellery ; it’s sound funny ,right? That’s fine you just try this new Diy jewellery , I am sure that you gonna love ,and making your own jewellery is a fun, artsy project which can be completed in minutes. They make a wonderful homemade gift for your friends and family members – or […]

How to make a gypsy style necklace

I am really fond of wearing gypsy and boho style jewelry as a craft lover my love if those type of jewelry ended up with making of this diy necklace out of cardboard paper .When designing your own jewelry, you will first want to get ideas. This will help you to think about which design […]

How to make ear stud with pista shell

Pista shell  ear studs are cute and very easy to make. Ask your parents to keep the shells from nuts so that you can make endless creations. Or, make your creatures using plain shell or painted one,it makes a lovely sound and is interesting to roll back and forth. See the colors suggested above for […]

How to make bangle

Today I am going to share you all an idea that is how to make bangle easily  It’s a very simple method and you can design your bangle with your creativity You can design your bangles which will match your outfit ; so just do it this DIY Here is the video tutorial 

DIY button earstuds

If you love stacking your jewelry box with loads of earrings of various colors and designs, then try your hands at these fashionable studs made from the cute buttons that have already made its way with your creativity. You may even purchase a variety of unique buttons like the gorgeous golden or silver ones or […]

DIY Paper clip earstuds

What you think about that making your own  earrings ;and there are different methods for making handmade earrings, that is depending on your own level of jewelry making skills,but I am promising you that this is very much easy to make This is the simplest method of making DIY earstuds;because for this earrings you need […]

DIY Bangles with fabric  #Gypsy style

It’s easy and fun to make bangles from fabric ; and here I used plastic bottle as well , I think now you got  an ideas ; isn’t ? Then you can decorate them in many different ways, allowing you to create lots of bangles that match different outfits. Save a fortune and re-purpose those […]

How to make easy Rose flower earrings

I used paper strips (quilling paper) for this DIY earrings.Paper flower earrings are quick and easy to make. You can find different colours of quilling papers to create one-of-a-kind flower earrings for yourself, for your friends, or to sell. Making flower earrings is easy once you have assembled your materials; Before you get started, you will […]

How to make easy flower earrings 

Paper jewelleries are now popular everywhere ; everyone who love diy projects atleast once trying to make there own paper jewellery .. Here I am sharing that how I made an easy paper flower jewellery for giving gifts to my cousins Presenting a handmade gifts to our loved once are an awesome experience  Here is […]

How to make paper weaving earrings

For this paper weaving earrings need quilling paper and these are so easy to make. Making your own earrings is a fun, artsy project which can be completed in minutes. They make a wonderful homemade gift for your friends and family members – or you can just keep them for yourself! Two different colour quilling […]

How to make flower earrings from book paper 

How cool isn’t  it ? Making your own flower earrings from book paper ! It’s best out of waste  This is really cool and easy to make this flower earrings ;  I used old novel paper for making this cool earrings ; for this only we need book paper, glue and ear drop back  Here […]

How to make hair band from bottle cap

This is one of my favourite ; and it’s so much easy to make as well I love to give simple & cute handmade things as gift , that’s makes me so happy For this craft I just used felt paper (if you don’t have felt paper you can use fabric as well ) and […]

How to make fabric earrings without button

These earring I made with fabric and it’s with out button; as always it’s simple and easy too Make this earring you need fabrics and cotton ; now you got the idea, don’t you? As always very easy and simple to make this fabric earrings  Here is the video tutorial that will show you how […]

How to make a felt paper flower earrings

Very beautiful and simple flower earrings method is this ; I always love to make this tiny and beautiful flower earrings that desire ended up with these DIY flower earrings.  My friends really loved this tiny flower earrings ; they said it’s so cute and comfortable to wear For this earrings I used felt paper […]

How to make flower for hair clip

These flowers are so beautiful & easy to make .I used for this flowers is felt paper ;and this one made for giving as a gift , beautiful gift, isn’t it? When we used to give a handmade things as a gift the person who is receiving must be happy ; so why don’t we […]

How to make earrings from sea shells 

I love sea and sea shore to relax and I am fond of collecting  it’s treasures like shells & I am making some DIY things with that! This time that ended up with these little earrings I love to wear this beautiful earrings and as always this craft is so simple and easy  I have […]

How to make woolen thread flower earrings

Woolen thread flower earrings are so simple and easy to make,and I have always absolutely adored flower earrings, so I don’t know how I am getting some ideas to make flower earrings ,I made many type of flower earring from fabrics,papers,clay,threads and so on . I really wanted to make many flower earrings for myself […]

How to make beads in a cage jewellery

Bead in a cage earrings are so beautiful and easy ; only need beads and wire …so let’s make this cute earrings Nothing to say more this earrings are so beautiful and you can use different colours of beads for a unique look, even this idea is better for keep your favourite crystal pendent I […]

How to make satin ribbon flower earrings

When I am wearing flower earrings my friends and colleges often asking me ‘Hey ! did you made this ? because they knows I am always concentrating to make tiny flower earrings .This time I made this flower earrings from satin ribbons ,and this flower earrings are so cute After making this everyday I am […]

How to make fabric Rose flower earrings

I swear here after you are not going to throw old fabrics; me always collecting and keeping nice and beautiful fabric peaces , with these fabrics can make many creative DIY things ..I wonder in sailors shop how much balance fabrics they are throwing; I wish to collect all the fabrics. Today I made these […]

How to make paper flower earrings

I have always absolutely adored paper flowers and especially paper rose flower  earrings, so I don’t know why I love this cute tiny flowers to wear ,so it’s taken me to make these kind of paper flowers. I really wanted to make some earrings for myself and friends. When I started to make this flower […]

How to make tassel jewellery

Today I am going to show how to make tassel earrings ; for this jewelry you only need threads then with in 5 mt can make this beautiful tassel jewelry . Honestly , I really love this jewelry & we can make tassels many colours too..My friends likes this tassel jewelry so I am very […]

How to make plastic bottle bangle

Today I just tried to make something with plastic bottle; that ended with this plastic bottle bangles Firstly, this bangles are best out of waste. .only need plastic bottles, book paper, and fevicol..I am pretty sure you gonna love to make this bangles with different designs Here is the video tutorial to how to make […]

How to make paper flower earrings

 Paper flower earrings are so adorable to wear and can make different colours too; and it’s so easy to make than you think ; because the things which I used to make these little tiny flowers are easy to get things and you no need to spend more money, you can make this tiny flower […]

How to make felt flower earring

I wanted to share this flower earrings tutorial here ,because its very much easy to make and beautiful too .To make this beautiful earrings i just used felt paper .You too can make this beautiful colourful ear stud yourself or as a gift I made many colors of this earrings , I just loved it […]

How to make flowers earrings from earbuds

I am too much passion about cute little diy thing..so every day I am looking forward to new ideas .. Ear bud flower earring is super easy to make and it’s very much unique jewellery too Cotton swab (ear buds) jewellery making is super cool and easy …and the final result is mind blowing .you […]

How to make bangle from plastic bottle

It’s easy and fun to make bangles  from plastic bottles. You can decorate them in many different ways, allowing you to create lots of bangles that match different outfits. Save a fortune and re-purpose those plastic bottles into something fashionable.For making this plastic bottle bangles I used satin ribbon and embroidery thread (red)  Clean the […]

How to make Rakhi very easily

Rakhi making at home is very lovely for all the girls. After all, Rakhi is the festival of brothers and sisters. Learn here how to make Rakhi at home.Here is some very easy method of Rakhi making at home. Kids can also make a beautiful Rakhi for their Rakhi making competition in school or for […]