Plastic Bottle Doll Making /DIY Doll Crafts

Plastic Bottle Doll Making: Plastic bottles were destroying. which is not only good for nature, but also harmful to living organisms. Because when plastic burns it produces a lot of carbon monoxide. let’s give them a new look Instead of destroying it, In this article you can find a beautiful doll making idea from plastic bottle.Hope you will enjoy the video Watch Video tutorial here

Plastic Bottle Doll Making

Homemade toys are cost-effective, fun to create, and may end up being keepsakes. They also make great gifts. Watch the video tutorial down below to learn this adorable plastic bottle doll making, in the comfort of your own home.

Plastic Bottle Doll Making

Who doesn’t love making there own DIY dolls? They’re fun to play with and they come in a million different varieties. If you want to have your own personal doll, why not make one yourself out of bottle ? This gives you a great chance to get creative and make something that’s perfect for you.

Plastic Bottle Doll Making

Plastic Bottle Doll Making is my all-time favorites. They’re super easy to make from unwanted plastic bottles that would otherwise be thrown out. You can make them as simple or as complex as you like. You can even adjust certain details to be easy to make children as well. Whether you decide to make a simple bottle doll or something more creative with clay or some other material, you’ll make something unique and from the heart.

Plastic Bottle Doll Making

Making clothes for this plastic bottle doll is fun and easy! You can make a top, a dress or skirt for your doll. All it takes is some crepe paper or you can use fabric and a few other basic craft supplies.After finish making a doll start designing a trendy design outfit for her! Watch the video tutorial down below for clear instructions.

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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